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Environmental Engineering

We take a cutting edge approach by incorporating experience and sustainable innovative methods to reduce the impact of people and developments on the environment. We design site specific investigations for your individual project, offering the very best design solutions for you and the environment. 

Contaminated Land - HAIL REPORTS

We provide all levels of investigation and reporting for assessing, managing, monitoring and remediating contaminated land, taking into account National Environmental Standards and Local Authority regulations. 

Erosion & Sediment Control

Our Environmental Engineers are able to undertake earthworks design including erosion and sediment control, assessing requirements of the local Council standards. The entire team works closely together to provide a complete management plan for your site. 

Flooding & Overland Flow

With many catchments susceptible to flooding in Northland, it is very important to be fully informed of potential risks and hazards. These issues have a bearing on site and building design, placement of structures and the successful implementation of your project. Our engineers have extensive experience in reviewing historical information and data to determine any effects of overland flow to your property. We can comprehensively report on flood extents, floor levels for structures and provide solutions to maximise usage of land. Our team also undertake feasibilty studies for flood mitigation work for the Northland Regional Council, which includes flood risk assessments, channel widening, spillways, and stopbanks.

Stormwater Management Solutions

To control runoff during heavy rainfall events to minimise effects to protect life, property and the environment requires assessment and design. We undertake stormwater engineering work that includes; urban stormwater management and installation, subdivision reticulation, residential assessments, and detention ponds. 

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