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Environmental Engineering

Stormwater Management

The purpose of stormwater management is to control runoff during heavy rainfall events to minimise nuisance and protect life, property and the receiving environment.  This involves catchment assessment and design for;

  • Containing primary flow in pipes and channels,
  • Identifying & protecting flow paths for secondary flow, and
  • Stormwater quality management

Haigh Workman has undertaken stormwater engineering work at most levels, including;

  • Urban stormwater management studies for several Far North settlements
  • Many subdivision stormwater reticulation and detention installations
  • Many routine residential assessments, regularly involving routine detention systems
  • Erosion & Sediment Control for construction sites
  • Detention ponds with settlement forebays and filter planting for quality improvement at commercial and industrial premises.

Flood protection

The Far North has many catchments susceptible to flooding.  We have recently assisted Northland Regional Council with feasiblity studies for flood mitigation around Kaitaia, Kaeo and Kerikeri.  Those projects have included;

  • Flood risk assessments
  • Channel widening
  • Spillways, and
  • Stop banks
Stormwater Management, Haigh Workman